During the course of my career I have worked:​​

  • With over 900 families and 1000 individuals
  • As a chosen service provider to fellow professionals in my areas of specialty
  • As a speaker at conferences in Canada & the US 

About Lara

Who are you?
I'm a partnered mother of one who has a passion for peace and empowerment of all sorts and descriptions, with a special interest in personal and family issues. Characterized by others as compassionate, insightful, witty and zen, I strive to make the best of what life hands me, and to help others do the same. During my personal time you might find me on a hike, learning something new, cuddling my cat or chauffeuring my teenager to a skateboard park.

What is your education?
My professional education includes degrees in social work and sociology, and I'm a certified doula and Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach. I have specialized training in pain management, fertility and childbirth, and I've taught hypnobirthing prenatal classes for over 10 years. I also have extensive continuing education in child development, relationship & communication, parenting, postpartum support, sexuality, bereavement, trauma and various complementary healing modalities.

I am well-versed in world religions and spirituality, and am adept at working with any individual's worldview, including atheism. I am LGBTQIA-positive and am comfortable with all relationship structures, including non-monogamy.

What is your approach to coaching?
I believe that we can all experience greater peace and empowerment in our lives, and my job is to help you discover how to do so.  At times this means I’ll ask you skilled questions that open the door to your truth, other times it means I’ll share what has worked for others so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – you’ll just have to decide if that wheel fits or not.  Sometimes I'll educate, model and coach you through new skills, communication techniques or decisionmaking, and other times I'll help you work with what your emotions are telling you. I am adept at tailoring my approach to best suit each person and situation, and I draw upon a broad range of tools, theories and resources. I am a careful listener and will offer up helpful insights, possibilities and feedback. 

Beyond our sessions together, I may suggest exercises for you to complete on your own time, or refer you to other sources of support. My chief objective is to foster your unique experience of peace and empowerment by treating you with the utmost care, sensitivity and respect.

Coaching for Individuals, Couples & Families

​Peace & Empowerment