"The more  

 room you give

 yourself to

 express your

 true thoughts

 and feelings,

 the more

 room there is

 for your

 wisdom to


​ ​~ Marianne Williamson

Common concerns about coaching include:

I'm ashamed about the concern(s) I want to address.

Most of us are operating with taught beliefs that hardships, pain and upset are personal flaws. In truth, they are human and universal -- we all have them. It's common to carry shame about things we've been told aren't "normal" or when the expectations of perfection and total ease have wrongly replaced the appropriate desires to heal, grow and thrive. Please know, I am no stranger to shame both as a person who experiences it herself at times, and as a person who bears witness to it in others. I will meet you with compassion and kindness.

I'm scared that it will be painful.

The main reason we make use of coaching is because we're feeling distressed about something. In this way, coaching has an inherent challenge and discomfort to it because we're intentionally examining what's hard for us. However, the process also leads you to discover other things that are enriching, empowering and enjoyable. The declared goal of our work together is greater overall wellbeing. If you  experience pain during our work together, I will support you through that to the best  of my ability, and seek to connect you with your own strengths and resilience. The vast majority of the sessions I have conducted have not only held tears or serious tones, but also an abundance of expressions of peace, joy and relief.

I'm worried that it's not what I'm looking for and will be a waste of time.

Coaching is a co-operative endeavour that is most effective when people engage with a willingness to share what's true for them and do any reasonable work that is theirs to do. Great strides can be made during our sessions together, but even more transformation can happen if you apply what has been discovered going forward. If you're wondering if we're a good match, please be in touch to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation to determine if my services will be of benefit to you. I am happy to refer you to other resources if applicable.

I'm having trouble justifying the expense.

Many of us have not been taught about the value of coaching and other support services so it can feel foreign to enhance our wellbeing in these ways. It can be helpful to think about coaching as akin to other self-care endeavours like exercising, going to a bodyworker or taking a class. You may also wish to take stock of how much you or your family spends on things that may not be as valuable to you in the long run, and it could be worth it to redirect some funds. In an effort to make my services as accessible as possible, I operate on a sliding scale. Please refer to the Fees & Locations page for more details.

Effective coaching is a powerful support during  difficult times, and it's also a  meaningful way to create on-going health for yourself and your relationships. When you come to me for coaching, you'll be met with compassion, offered insights and new perspectives, and provided with proven tools you can apply to your unique situation.

Who do you provide coaching for?

I provide coachling for individuals, couples, families and groups. My services are suitable for people aged 14+. People under age 18 require signed consent from their parent or guardian. 

​Peace & Empowerment

Coaching for Individuals, Couples & Families



To book an appointment, or to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation to determine if my services will be of value to you, simply call or email:
289-237-1596     Lara@PeaceAndEmpowerment.com

I'm experienced and well-versed in the following areas:

  • navigating times of crisis
  • addressing significant on-going stress
  • relationship conflict
  • love, connection and communication
  • resolving long-standing issues
  • fears, thought-management and reducing worry
  • grief, loss, guilt and confusion
  • pregnancy and birth concerns, including resolving traumatic birth experiences
  • challenges of parenthood
  • parenting a child with special needs
  • fertility challenges​
  • sexuality
  • extended family difficulties
  • work-related stress, business development and career change
  • self-esteem and personal liberation
  • optimism and life satisfaction
  • spiritual challenges